QAD Enterprise Applications

QAD Enterprise Applications is a complete integrated suite of software solutions designed to accommodate the needs of a new generation of software users at manufacturing companies around the world.

The suite has been tailored with specific functionality that improves visibility into the wide variety of manufacturing and supply chain processes in a number of industries, and allows people who work in a single plant or in a globally distributed organization to control all aspects of their businesses more easily than with other software solutions.

QAD solutions have seamless integration with Microsoft® Office and deliver the ease-of-use features today’s users expect for top productivity. For example, Process Maps visually describe the flow of the complete suite of QAD Enterprise Applications, providing a framework for business process design based on proven best-in-class practices.



For over 30 years, QAD has provided the best ERP solutions for automotive manufacturers. Today, automotive manufacturing sites in over 60 countries run on QAD, and eight out of the top 10 suppliers in the global automotive industry leverage our solutions.


Over 450 life sciences manufacturing sites in more than 60 countries have deployed QAD Enterprise Applications. Companies ranging from start-ups to large enterprises enjoy the simplicity, reliability and performance of QAD.


With over 700 consumer product manufacturing sites live in over 60 countries, QAD has a proven record of providing effective Cloud ERP solutions for consumer product manufacturers. We actively work with customers and industry groups to ensure our solutions meet their current and future needs.


QAD supports over 500 food and beverage manufacturing sites in over 85 countries to meet strict quality standards, manage recalls and replenishments, and track raw materials to finished goods.


QAD solutions for the production of high tech products have been deployed in over 50 countries and are delivering daily for over 500 manufacturers. QAD enables these manufacturers to meet constant competitive pressure by shortening time to market and delivering on customer expectations for the highest possible quality and advanced product features.


QAD helps industrial manufacturers meet the wide array of dynamic business and operational challenges. QAD solutions drive the Effective Enterprise by enabling ever-changing product variations, multi-site manufacturing and continued emphasis on product quality and delivery.

QAD Enterprise Applications provide many valuable features, including:
  • Ease of Use – QAD Enterprise Applications are easy to use, quick to implement, and intuitive for users to learn. Flexible workflows and automation help make  customers more efficient faster.

  • Process Standardization – QAD provides a set of best practice process maps that can be modified to suit each individual company’s changing processes.

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance – QAD Enterprise Applications meet business and legal compliance requirements by country and industry.

  • Global Platform – QAD provides a combination of software and services that can be implemented around the world.

  • Deployment Independence – QAD Enterprise Applications are available on-demand, on-premise or on-appliance, to serve the unique IT and business requirements of each respective customer.

  • Rapid Implementation – QAD has developed a proprietary methodology for fast, effective  implementation and upgrades.

  • Product Evolution – QAD continues to evolve QAD Enterprise Applications to meet the needs of global manufacturing companies.




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